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I work from the belief that we create our reality with the thoughts we choose to give power to, the language we use, and the actions we take on a daily basis. If you get this and want to uncover and discover your unconscious beliefs, and activate your hidden potential, then I may be the coach for you.

Personal freedom is having the capacity to give and receive love at the highest heights possible according to your soul’s signature. My program is about mind, body, and spiritual evolution. I teach you how to work with negative emotions instead of collapsing into them, liberate yourself from the downward spiral and how to build on what’s already innately in you.

My style is unorthodox, grounded, and steeped in my over 10 years of studying the human condition in myself, my family, and my clients. What makes my coaching unique is I am not married to any one style of coaching. I don’t believe in a one size fits all coaching program. I listen with a full heart, ask questions, and challenge you to step into the greatest version of yourself.

Our time together will include ZOOM calls, weekly assignments, powerful distinctions, practical tools, and so much more. We will literally build a powerful platform for you…together. It’s super intimate, one-on-one, coaching so I have to believe you’re committed because we go deep and become, in essence, spiritual workout partners.

Welcome to a New Chapter of Growth

Step into a world of opportunity and change with Julian Bradley, an esteemed expert in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Timeline Therapy, and more. Our coaching programs are designed with your success in mind, offering personalized strategies and support. Start your transformational journey today and unlock your true potential.

Select Your Path to Success

Tier 1: Essential Coaching Package - $300 per month (30 minute for 3 session)

Three-month minimum commitment

  • Guided by Expertise: Personal coaching sessions with Julian Bradley.

  • Foundational Growth: Master the basics of NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Accountability Support: Stay focused with structured guidance.

  • Resource Library: Access essential materials to complement your growth.

Tier 2: Premium Coaching Package - $500 per month (1 hour for 3 sessions)

Three-month minimum commitment

  • Deep Transformation: Benefit from Julian’s extensive experience in personal and business development.

  • Weekly Tailored Sessions: In-depth support tailored to your evolving needs.

  • Strategic Consulting: Gain insights into Business, Real Estate, and Airbnb.

  • Unlimited Support: Full access to resources and continuous email support.

Tier 3: Elite Transformation Package - $1,000 per month (1 hour for 4 sessions)

Three-month minimum commitment

  • Unlimited Julian Bradley Access: Direct and on-demand coaching as needed.

  • Fully Personalized Approach: Custom strategies and plans to meet all your goals.

  • Exclusive Opportunities: Access to networks, guest masterclasses, and specialized resources.

  • Enhanced Accountability: Daily check-ins and comprehensive support.

Discover the path that aligns with your aspirations and embark on a journey to success with Julian Bradley’s expert guidance and support.

About Me

Julian Bradley is an full time Real Estate Investor, Marketing Expert, speaker, and peak performance coach.

With passion and determination, Julian helps aspiring real estate investors on how to source, fund, and manage deals using little to none of their own money. Julian  also has a airbnb vacation rentals and a cleaning service Business in San Diego.

Julian also speaks sharing his tactical personal development tips with Companies, Schools and organizations. He also has a TED talk sharing with others how they can Show up more powerfully not just in their own lives but in their family and friends lives, and in their community.

On the flip side, Julian also has a Real Estate investment company where he creates beautiful homes for families by flipping them as well as investing in rentals and Airbnb's.


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